Mom's outrage after finding padded bras designed for young girls

Mom's outrage after finding padded bras designed for young girls

We all know that kids develop physically at different times depending on their sex. Indeed, girls commonly go through puberty a little earlier than their male counterparts of the same age, and many women experience their first menstrual cycle before the age of 13.

The subject of when a girl is old enough to wear a bra is also a contentious subject, and to be honest, the only right answer is "when the child feels she is ready."

However, on social media, a mom visiting a clothing retailer was left outraged when she discovered what she thought was a padded bra aimed at children.

While out perusing for training bras for one of her own daughters, Angela Fellar discovered a turquoise and white padded bra for little girls, which is apparently meant to make little girls look like they have fully-formed breasts.

There was even a little sticker on the hanger with the number "six" on it, which seems to suggest that the underwear is for children aged six. Angela took a snap of the offensive bra, and uploaded the pics to Facebook, captioning the post: "These are padded bras for SIX YEAR OLDS [sic]."

However, some commenters believe that Angela has the wrong end of the stick and that the bras are intended for a size six, not for people who are aged six. However, it's not entirely clear based on the picture alone which camp is right.

It could well be that Angela has made a mistake and that these are simply adult's bras intended for women with a slighter frame. But there's no question that our society is squeamish about the way we inadvertently sexualise minors, and the post has certainly opened up a debate about standards of decency to the general public.