People are raving about theme park which is 'better than Disney'

People are raving about theme park which is 'better than Disney'

For more than 60 years, Disney has been the last word when it comes to theme parks. Oh sure, it has its competitors in the form of Universal Studios, but Disneyland has always been advertised as: 'The Happiest Place on Earth', and its reputation for providing a fun, quality experience means that millions of tourists still flock there every year.

But now, a rival theme park has emerged in Europe, which some people are claiming is even better than Disneyland. Are they serious? Has Disney's theme park supremacy finally been usurped? Or have the visitors been a little bit too hasty?

Take a look at this video recorded at Disneyland, which appears to show a certain character misbehaving:

The theme park in question is called Efteling: World of Wonders, and is situated in Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands - with its various attractions and rides symbolising figures of myth, fairy tales and folklore from the nations long and illustrious history. The park isn't as well-known as Disneyland is in America, but its credentials speak for itself.

Efteling just so happens to be the largest theme park in the Netherlands, and one of the oldest in the world; predating Disneyland by three years when it opened in 1933. It's also twice as large as the original Disney park in California, but only boast 5 million visitors a year (compared with Disneyland's 18.5 million).

In 2018, it was the third most visited theme park in Europe, behind Disneyland Paris and Europa-Park.

Check out some of the words of praise visitors have had for the park on Twitter: 








A new attraction is due to open at the park soon, based on a Brothers Grimm story The Six Swans. So if you'd like to find out whether or not this place really is better than Disneyland, then why not visit its official website to find out for yourself?