Some of the guests at the Royal Wedding were left out of the official menu

Some of the guests at the Royal Wedding were left out of the official menu

So I don't know, guys: apparently there was a Royal Wedding or something this weekend? If, by some miracle, you had no idea that Prince Harry was getting married to Suits star Meghan Markle last Saturday, then congratulations on getting WiFi to work from that rock you're living under. Really.

For the rest of us, it's been a weekend of romance, held-back tears and gossip - standard fare for pretty much any wedding, I'm sure you'll recall, but dialled up to 11 once you realize that the British Royal Family are involved. But we're not here to talk about what Prince Charles said, or who was best dressed. No. My only concern is food.

Of course, the food served at the Royal Wedding was fit for a queen. Or a prince. Or a star of a hit TV show; doesn't matter, all three were in attendance on May 19. Canapés, fresh fish, grilled chicken - there was almost too much choice, and if you were lucky enough to attend the wedding enjoy the food, then you would have had a wonderful day indeed.

Emphasis on "lucky enough".

Above, that's a video of Windsor Castle receiving a considerable amount of pizza, something we've never seen and will probably never see again. Imagine being the guy tasked with delivering that haul. I hope he got a good tip. Either way, a bit of a weird occurrence, you'd think, but not for the reason you'd think.

You see, while 2,000 people in total were invited to the Royal Wedding (including socialites and celebrities in abundance), not all guests would end up being catered. Indeed; only those who were able to attend the chapel ceremony part of the wedding benefitted from catered food. The rest of them were told to resort to picnic baskets.

A pizza box counts as a picnic basket, right? Close enough.

“They do have a lot to cater for at the reception and then the evening event, and it is a lot of people in the grounds," says etiquette expert William Hanson. "But one would hope they do at least provide them with water,” he added, though on this occasion, Hanson's assumption was proven to be wide of the mark.

For those who were able to enjoy the deliciousness on display, royal chef Mark Flanagan says that their meals will be improved even further by some pretty favorable conditions on the whole.

"We know the couple wanted us to make sure we used all of the local seasonal produce as much as possible throughout their menu, and this recent good weather is really helping us to achieve that,” Flanagan said, and if you weren't already extremely jealous of eating at the Royal Wedding, I bet you're even greener with food envy now.

So there you have it, guys. If you're anything like me, you got to enjoy the nuptials get underway with your closest and most cherished, and as is customary with any event like that, you probably ended up sharing food. Maybe it was a pizza. If it was a pizza (stay with me here), then you can rest safe in the knowledge that you probably had a similar meal as guests at the Royal Wedding in the comfort of your own home.

Isn't that neat?