This homeless woman died with over $1 million in the bank

This homeless woman died with over $1 million in the bank

According to the most recent global survey, there are an estimated 100 million people in the world who are living on the streets, with this distressing figure continuing to rise with every year that goes past.

Although each and every case of homelessness is unique in its own way, almost every person living on the streets has one thing in common: they have no money. However, it is this exactly what makes Fatima Othman such an anomaly.

Fatima was a disabled homeless woman who lived in the town of Ain Al-Zahab in Akkar, northern Lebanon. Residing in a car she rented from a man in her neighbourhood, she spent much of her life living off the charity of others, with her begging on the street most days and locals regularly donating their money and food to help her.

However, the narrative changed when the 52-year-old - who lived without a house for an estimated 20 years - was recently found dead in her car, a tragic incident that was reportedly deemed unsuspicious by local police. When officers investigating her sudden death took a look through the few possessions she owned, they were surprised to find two black bags in the rented vehicle, together containing 5,000,000 Lebanese pounds in cash (roughly $3310).

Needless to say, they were even more surprised when they searched further and later found a deposit book for a local bank. Looking inside it, they realised Fatima's bank account had 1.7 billion Lebanese pounds, an amount that is equal to $1.1 million in American money, therefore making Fatima a homeless millionaire.

Police spokesman Joseph Musallem has stated that the discovery of the cash and the savings book "was a big surprise". Reports have also stated that when police tracked down Fatima's family - allegedly her mother, two brothers and five sisters - her relatives told investigators that they had no idea she was so wealthy and that they were taken aback by the amount of money she had been keeping under wraps.

When asked why she had chosen to live as a homeless woman, they speculated that she not did want to admit her wealth in case she was robbed. They also added that she may have continued to live on the streets "because it was what she knew".

However, this is not the first time the 52-year-old, who is reported to have died of a heart attack, has made the news. Fatima hit the headlines - and reportedly became a local celebrity - after a picture of her being fed water by a Lebanese soldier in Barbir went viral online earlier in the year. Afterwards, the soldier was praised by his commander for showing "compassion and humanity".

It has been reported Fatima lost her hands and feet during the Lebanese Civil War, which took place from 1975 to 1990 and saw an estimated 120,000 people killed.