Tourists evacuated after devastating 40ft waves crash into Tenerife apartment block

Tourists evacuated after devastating 40ft waves crash into Tenerife apartment block

Nothing can ruin a holiday faster than bad weather;  imagine paying through the nose for a vacation abroad, somewhere supposedly hot and sun-kissed, only to be met with grey clouds, a cold climate, and drizzly rain upon your arrival. You'd probably feel pretty cheated, right? Well take it from me, it's better to have bad weather and not dangerous weather when you're on holiday. My family still talk about our brush with death when we visited Cancun back in 2005; only to end up trapped in our villa when we were hit by hurricane Wilma.

So if you or anyone else you know is planning a winter break to the Canary Islands, then you might want to think again after you view this footage. A video has emerged online of an apartment complex on the coast of Tenerife, which has ended up being battered by gigantic tidal waves. You can check out the videos of the terrible storm below, but be warned: they're not for the faint-hearted.

The clip of the inclement weather and the gigantic waves allegedly comes from the tourist town of Mesa del Mar; situated in the north-west part of the Spanish island. As a result of the devastating waves, approximately 65 apartments in two blocks facing the ocean have been evacuated - many of which were housing frightened tourists at the time.

Alvaro Davila, mayor of the municipality of Tacoronte, claims that no-one has been injured yet, and a severe weather warning is currently in place across the Spanish islands. The first evacuations apparently occurred at around 10 pm on the evening of Saturday, November 19, and there were more evacuations at around 2 am.

Garichico has been badly affected as a result of the terrible storms. There have been troubling reports from local news agencies, claiming that witnesses have seen ginormous waves crashing over sea walls and flooding streets. Many of these witnesses have filmed the disastrous flooding and then uploaded the footage to social media.

To the south, the popular tourist hotspot of Adeje has also been battered by the storms - with videos filmed there showing the waves breaking hotel restaurant windows. Luckily, no-one was injured. On the Spanish mainland, parts of the city of Malaga have also been blighted by heavy downpours with Mijas, Ojen, Fuengirola and Marbella all badly affected. Meanwhile, the east coast province of Valencia and Costa Blanca have been placed on red alert in preparation for torrential rain tomorrow.

If you find yourself caught in a property that you think is at risk of flooding, then ensure you take the following precautions. Firstly, make sure you move any electrical appliances and other valuable belongings to floors that aren't on the ground level. Then attempt to board up or seal up window panes, and finally remove toilet bowls and plug basement sewer drains and toilet connections with a stopper to prevent leakage. If you've been instructed to evacuate your property, do so quickly and calmly, and do not return there until the proper authorities have deemed it safe.