Florida man caught on camera repeatedly licking doorbell

Florida man caught on camera repeatedly licking doorbell

Whenever something truly bizarre happens in the US, without even reading the article, most people know that it's taken place in Florida. Some of the most bizarre headlines to emerge from the Sunshine State include: "Man claims wife was kidnapped by holograms" and, naturally, "Man attempts to leave store with chainsaw stuffed down his pants".

In short, people in Florida, whether it's a result of their proximity to America's greatest theme parks, or if there's just something fishy in the water, are weird (and sometimes downright scary). Now, the latest person to hit the headlines for their baffling behavior in the Sunshine State is a man in a Miami Hurricanes t-shirt who repeatedly licked a doorbell.

This is the bizarre moment he was filmed in the act: 

In the clip, the man, who is also wearing a headscarf of sorts, can be seen repeatedly licking the doorbell, stopping only to point at the magazine he is holding - presumably so that, if anyone is watching, he can express a message.

Hilariously, just as he's about to, um, finish up, he returns to the doorbell for a final lick.

Now, I'm not one for kink-shaming, so I've tried my best to understand his logic. Maybe licking an object that's been touched repeatedly turns him on, or maybe it's the risk of getting caught and having a lot of explaining to do. Who knows? Either way, this man had approached the doorbell with clear intent: to cover it with his saliva.

The incident took place in Lake Worth, and unbelievably, it is not an isolated one. A man was also recorded licking a doorbell for a solid three hours at a home in California in January of this year.

While it's not known if the owners of the Florida property have taken any legal action against the licker, the man who licked the doorbell in California was subsequently charged with prowling and theft, Kion 546 reported.

Perhaps this is 2019's answer to the Tide Pod Challenge? Either way, we don't recommend it. If you get your kicks from licking doorbells, that's great - just be sure to buy one for your personal use like a normal person.