Lego expertly trolls Tesla with its very own 'shatterproof' truck

Lego expertly trolls Tesla with its very own 'shatterproof' truck

Elon Musk might be a considered a real-life Tony Stark by some, but he still doesn't have as much clout in terms of design ingenuity as one of Lego's Master Builders. If you want proof of this, then just look at the way the Tesla founder was expertly trolled by the toy company this week over his recently-revealed 'Cybertruck.'

The Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled by the corporation's founder at an event in Los Angeles this week, and the new automobile features a sleek, polygonal Blade Runner look. Some people see the aesthetic as modernist and futuristic, while others ridiculed the design as being ugly.

Watch the awkward moment when Tesla's 'shatterproof' truck turned out to be no-so-indestructible:

So in a hilarious parody, this week Lego posted an image of an extremely economic interpretation of the Tesla vehicle. The image shows a teeny-tiny car made of one stacked brick with two pairs of plastic wheels fixed to the bottom.

The picture was posted to Lego's Australian Facebook page on Monday, along with the caption: "The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof 😬 [sic]"

Tesla's CEO was left red-faced at the presentation when the truck proved to be slightly less indestructible than advertised. First of all, Musk encouraged Tesla lead designer Franz von Holzhausen to attempt to damage the truck with a sledgehammer on stage in a bid to show off its apparently impenetrable exterior.

He even showed footage of the six-seater withstanding bullets from a 9mm handgun, a feature usually only found in military vehicles and armored state cars. However, when Musk made him throw a metal ball at the truck's windows, the impact completely shattered two of them completely.

Tesla's Cybervan. Credit: PA Images

A release date for the motor has not yet been announced, but the Tesla Cybertruck is expected to be on the roads by the end of 2021, with a price tag of $39,900.