Netflix to crack down on leeches who use other people's passwords

Netflix to crack down on leeches who use other people's passwords

Aside from the wide range of TV shows and films available on Netflix, the streaming giant is also known for its many password-sharing users (read: leeches), who shamelessly take advantage of all Netflix has to offer while someone else entirely foots the bill.

Well, it turns out that Netflix intends to clamp down on this once-widely-accepted streaming etiquette, The Independent reports.

Speaking at Netflix's Q3 2019 earnings interview last week, chief product officer Greg Peters spoke of the company's plans to tackle the issue of password-sharing.

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He said: "We continue to monitor it so we're looking at the situation. We'll see those consumer-friendly ways to push on the edges of that but I think we've got no big plans to announce at this point in time of doing something differently there."

While the interviewer suggested Netflix would need to have much stricter measures in place in order to put an end to password-sharing, he also said it would need to ensure customers were in no way "alienated" in the process.

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The planned change in policy comes after a study carried out by  found that the average Netflix account has five active users, with just one paying the monthly cost. And over two-thirds of these non-paying users saying they have no intention of ever paying for their own account.

The streaming service already limits how many people can use a single account at one time - those who want to be able to use three different screens at one time must pay an additional fee. The service currently costs between £5.99 and £11.99 ($7.99 and $15.99 in the US), with the option to use up to four screens at a time.