New Samsung folding phones are breaking after only a few days

New Samsung folding phones are breaking after only a few days

Tech journalists who were given early access to the new Samsung Galaxy fold have been dismayed to find them breaking after only a few days of use.

The foldable Android smartphone was first unveiled back in February 2019 and is due to be released in the US on April 26 and in Europe on May 3, retailing at the steep price of $2000 (£1,530).

However, a number of reviewers have already reported issues with their devices, and have taken to Twitter to complain about the hardware issue. The South Korean electronics corporation now claims that it will thoroughly investigate the cause of the issue, to determine the best possible fix. However, with the release date looming ever closer, it's unknown what changes can be made at this point.

Check out this video of the hardware issue users are experiencing: 

In a statement given to technology and media network The Verge, Samsung claimed:

"A limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples were provided to media for review. We have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided. We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter."

They added:

"Separately, a few reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing damage to the screen. The main display on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches. Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage. We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers."





It does seem as though the most common fault occurs after users mistakenly remove a protective layer of plastic on top of the device's display, which some reviewers mistakenly identified as a regular removable screen protector, but which is actually a polymer layer that is a crucial part of the screen. Additionally, another report has noted a review unit with a faulty hinge pressing against the screen from the inside.

This isn't the first time Samsung's smartphones have proven controversial, as the company was infamously forced to recall entirely the Galaxy Note 7, due to a failure which caused its batteries to explode.