The 'Towelkini' is a beach towel and swimsuit cover-up all in one

The 'Towelkini' is a beach towel and swimsuit cover-up all in one

Preparing for the summer months is never simple - you need ample amounts of sunscreen, a variety of bathing suits, and aftersun for the inevitable bout of sunburn. One company, however, has revolutionised the way we pack for the beach by creating something known as a Towelkini.

As you probably gathered from the name, the Towelkini is both an outfit and a towel, making it the perfect addition to your beach bag.

Credit: Aria McManus

The Towelkini was created by Aria McManus, a conceptual designer who hails from New York. The premise is that you can lay down by the beach or pool, and have the comfort of a towel, but then stand up and be clothed - well, in theory at least.

The towel leaves your legs exposed, and the butt area, so you'll want to wear a bathing suit underneath.

''Towelkini by Aria McManus melds the two essentials for all things beach, no need to carry a cumbersome towel and an easy to lose swimsuit — here they come as one, materialized as ideal,'' reads the description of the product.

The Towelkini is constructed "from the finest grade of terry cloth'' and comes in two colour ways: Hot Pink and Athletic Gold. It’s 70 inches long and 34 inches wide (around 5.8 feet by 2.8 feet) and comes in one-size-fits-all.

It's available to purchase for $199 on Special Special.