8 Pictures to remind you what technology looked like just 10 years ago

8 Pictures to remind you what technology looked like just 10 years ago

You might not realise this, but modern technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade. Oh sure, we might not have flying cars yet, but our tech really is something that science fiction writers could never have predicted years ago. Now, 2008 might not seem that long ago to you, and to me it feels like it was only yesterday. But the fact of the matter is, a lot can change in the space of ten years.

Indeed, many things have changed, or have been gradually innovated, until they're unrecognisable from their original incarnations. Furthermore, the websites and social media we use has also regenerated many times over in that time, and also look unrecognisable. If you don't believe me, then scroll down to take a quick trip down memory lane, and see what our old tech used to look like back in the day.

1. What emojis used to look like

A number of emoticons circa 2008.

2. Direct messaging in 2008

An old instant messaging app.

3. YouTube's homepage in 2008

YouTube's homepage circa 2008.

4. Twitter's homepage circa 2008

Twitter's homepage circa 2008.

5. Facebook's homepage in 2008

A Facebook wall circa 2008.

6. All phones used to have keypads

A picture of a mobile phone.

7. How we listened to music in 2008 

A picture of an old iPod.

8. All selfies used to look like this 

An image of a woman taking a photo of her reflection in a mirror.

Pretty cool right? I sure think so. However, unfortunately not all technological advances have been as impressive as this, and in some respects, it seems as though we might actually be going backwards. What am I talking about? Well, mainly the fact that greedy tech companies have apparently started deliberately slowing down phones with terrible software updates.