You can now earn $130 an hour to sleep

You can now earn $130 an hour to sleep

There's nothing worse than being all snug in your bed, totally warm and contented as you slumber in a state of total contentment, only for it all to come crashing down to earth as you're worken by the insistent sound of your morning alarm ringing.

If, like me, you're a lazy bedbug, then pulling yourself out of your den and slouching off to the office can be a Herculean task at times. If only there was a way to actually make money from your bed.

Take a look at this video all about a real-life sleeping beauty, who can snooze for 13 days at a time:

Well, as it turns out, there is a way to do exactly that. How? Well, I'll tell you. It turns out that a curtain company is actually looking to hire a lucky person to snooze all night, and they are willing to pay you almost $2,000 for you to do so.

Per British tabloid newspaper The Sun, The curtain company Hillarys wants to hire a 'sleep executive’ to test out various sleeping conditions, sleeping with different amounts of light and noise disturbance while wearing a monitor.

An image of a guy sleeping. Credit: Pexels

Per the vacancy page: "The experiment will look at how light and sound can disrupt sleep, we will test this by having a candidate sleep in different conditions, including the use of blackout curtains and varying light and sound."

They add: "The entrant will then be asked to wear a sleep monitoring device during their sleep so we can determine how the different conditions affect them during their sleep."

Meanwhile, interiors expert Lucy Askew stated: “Sleep is so important, and many might not appreciate how even a slither of light can disrupt your much-need seven hours. We’re looking forward to getting the new sleep executive on board and seeing the findings of this experiment."

Sound like the right role for you? Well if you're a champion sleeper and don't mind being a lab rat, then why not apply for the role by visiting the following link. You have until April 9!