Motorola is bringing out a new Razr flip phone

Motorola is bringing out a new Razr flip phone

Phones have come a long way since the noughties. Now that we’ve all got handheld supercomputers capable of both constantly spying on us and allowing unfettered access to all the cat videos we could ever want, we take it for granted that phones can do basically anything.

But, back in the days when they were essentially still just used for phoning up your mates, companies had to come up with a much more imaginative USP than camera power and GB. This is probably why old phones look seriously awesome.

There was plenty of competition for the title of “Most Pointlessly Cool-Looking” mobile. There was the Pebl, that looked like a lurid set of lost car keys. There was the classic Nokia 8110 “banana” - made famous by Keanu Reeves and his inability to climb around the outside of a skyscraper. But, without any doubt, the king of the crazily-designed hill was the legendary Motorola Razr. 

With a paper-thin screen and weird mini-map that sat awkwardly above the camera, the Razr perfectly captured the combination of pointless features and out-there looks that made old phones so amazing. When production ceased, a generation of early phone adopters was understandably bereft. Now, however, Motorola has revealed that their most famous son is set for a stunning return. 

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The newly updated Razr is the ultimate throwback for the modern smartphone user. Not only does the new design incorporate all the elements that you’d expect from a new gadget in 2019, but it also, crucially, flips. Featuring a foldable OLED panel as the main screen, it is the ultimate upgrade on the original for the Insta-obsessed age. 

As well as the folding screen, the new Razr boasts Android 9 Pie, 6GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, a 16-megapixel front-facing camera, a 5-megapixel internal camera, USB-C port, and eSIM. It might sound complicated, but something with that many acronyms is bound to be good.

The new phone is scheduled to drop next year, but it certainly won’t come cheap. Early reports suggest a price tag of around $USD1,499 - putting it in the same bracket as the new Google Pixel. Still, can you really put a price on nostalgia?