Crocodile bites man in the groin after he accidentally steps on it

Crocodile bites man in the groin after he accidentally steps on it

An Australian man had a narrow escape this week, after miraculously evading the clutches of a 12-foot saltwater crocodile in the Northern Territory, near the town of Darwin. 42-year-old Elston Lami Lami was out hunting in murky water on Croker Island, when he mistook the massive reptile for a log and tried to step on it. Needless to say, it wasn’t best pleased. 

In an interview that Mr. Lami Lami gave to ABC News from his hospital bed, he revealed: "When he come up, when he flipped me and I looked at his eye, he had that crocodile tears on it. Like... you're mine. You're my lunch.”

He continued: "I hit him three times in the nose, he let me go. Come back again, try and attack me. When he snapped at me, I grabbed him, held him at the jaw with two hands and I was getting weak so I thought the only way to get his attention, I had to hit him again." 

Mr. Lami Lami also stated that he could have been in even more serious trouble, were it not for the presence of his two dogs, brother, and cousin, who were able to make enough noise to distract the animal, allowing Lami Lami to make his escape. 

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In the end, Mr. Lami Lami could count himself lucky that he only sustained two bites, one to his leg and another around his shorts, which he conceded had been completely shredded in the attack. However, despite his getaway, Lami Lami still had to endure a 30-minute walk back to the car in order to receive treatment.

Credit: Pixabay/juliaharwood

Despite the obvious injury, Lami Lami was determined to put on a brave face. As he explained to ABC News, “Whatever pain I was going through, I didn’t want to show it to them boys, because I was the older one there.” 

It's a shame Lami Lami wasn't as lucky as this wildebeest:

Eventually making it back to the car, Lami Lami patched himself up with paracetamol and rudimentary bandages, before driving to nearby Minjilang Community Centre to receive further treatment. From there, he was airlifted to Royal Darwin Hospital. He can count himself lucky that his groin made the trip with him.