Abandoned dog that lost its hind legs, eye and tail finally finds forever home

Abandoned dog that lost its hind legs, eye and tail finally finds forever home

Looking after a pet is no easy task, especially when it comes to dogs. Putting aside the money you have to spend on keeping them fed and healthy, you have to make sure that you can spend the right amount of time to take them on walks and otherwise look after them. It's one thing to bring a dog into your home, but another to look after it every day - especially when you have a full-time job.

There are a lot of people out there who underestimate what it's like to look after a pet, so end up giving them away to shelters for them to find a new home. Not everyone takes this route however, with many dogs being left to fend for themselves.

For instance, this young puppy was abandoned at a park in Hamilton, Ohio. In a tragic turn of events, the dog wandered onto some nearby train tracks, where it was hit. In the accident, the puppy had its hind legs and tail amputated, while its eye eventually had to be surgically removed.

Thankfully, the dog was saved by the Animal Friends Humane Society, who made sure he was healthy and able to heal. He's now in a much better condition, and has a new name: Trooper.

Tara Bowser, executive director of the organisation that saved him, spoke to PEOPLE about the rescue:

‘The train amputated both of his back legs, as well as his tail. He also had a ruptured eye due to the train’s impact on his tiny body. Trooper was hospitalized immediately at an emergency vet clinic.

"He required surgery to further amputate both back legs and tail, this way the surgeons could clean up the area and have enough skin to suture. His left eye was also removed since it was damaged beyond repair."

Despite these setbacks, Trooper soon got back into good health, and was apparently still up for "kisses and cuddles" during the recovery process. Less than a month after his accident, Trooper was fitted for a wheelchair for his back legs, and is already getting adjusted.

The Animal Friends Human Society shared Trooper's recovery process on Facebook, and soon after he healed, it was announced that he had been adopted and given a forever home.

The organisation made sure the new owners were safe for him to move in with, and luckily found some who have experience looking after disabled animals.

"Please be more responsible with pets. If you don’t have the means to properly care for an animal, then don’t get one," Bowser suggested. "If you have an animal and can no longer care for it, do the responsible thing and find it another home or surrender it to a shelter that will take care of it. Turning an animal loose to fend for itself is never the answer."

While Trooper definitely hasn't had an easy life, it looks like things are looking up for him now!

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