Dog runs away after wrong family picks her up from kennel

Dog runs away after wrong family picks her up from kennel

A family dog has run away and gone missing, after the wrong family picked her up from the kennels she was staying at.

Lilly, a black Labrador mongrel mix, fled after the wrong people took her away from the Francis Kennels dog's boarding home in Beavercreek, Ohio. The dog's real family, as well as kennel staff, are now frantically searching for her.

A black lab dog. Credit: Getty

Commenting on her missing pooch in an interview with WHIO TV, owner Lauren Williamson stated: "She’s a rescue dog from Atlanta, Georgia. She was probably the best dog I’ve ever had ... My mom and dad are a complete mess. I have hope we will find her ... We came back from a weeklong vacation and we found out that the kennel gave away our dog to the wrong owner."

Meanwhile, kennel manager Stephen Grech added: "It was our mistake, for me to give them the dog in the first place. Each dog that comes in has an individual collar. Lilly had her bath and the collar came off."

Check out this heartwarming video of a dog comforting puppies in a kennel:

He continued: "We’ve used drones. We have brought down a group from Columbus who are experts at trapping or catching dogs that have gotten away from their owners. If they see Lilly, don’t try and chase her because she will run. She’s skittish. Just report. We have flyers all over."

"How did the other people who picked up the dog not realize it wasn’t their dog? I do not know ... When the owners pick up the dog they should know that that’s not their dog. But she is a black Lab mix and a lot of dogs look like her."

Lilly's family is offering a $1000 reward to anyone who can find their beloved pet. If you spot her then please telephone Francis Kennels in Xenia, on 937-374-1636.