Woman adopts an old dog from a shelter, finds out it’s actually her childhood puppy

Woman adopts an old dog from a shelter, finds out it’s actually her childhood puppy

When Nicole Grimes was a kid, her grandmother gave her a surprise present: a pomeranian-poodle crossbreed."I was 10 years old and all I wanted was a puppy," she told the BBC. "She was wearing a pink bow when Nana gave her to me. We were best friends." Nicole named the adorable dog Chloe, and it looked like they had their whole lives ahead of them romp and play.

However, four years later, Nicole got terrible news: She had to put her beloved puppy up for adoption. "My dad got a new job working from home but Chloe was too yappy and he had to be on the phone all the time," she explained. "I remember my dad picked me up from school when I was 14 with the dog in the back seat. I knew we had to give her away." And just like that, the two had to say goodbye. Her father dropped Chloe off at the Washington Area Humane Society, where the pooch would find a new home. Dad had peace and quiet to work without annoying distractions, at the expense of his daughter's broken heart.

Seven years later, Nicole, who lives in Pennsylvania, found herself craving another canine companion. So, she opened up Facebook and browsed the dogs available for adoption. She took an instant liking to an old pomeranian-poodle because it was reminiscent of her childhood pet. Although she called the Humane Society many times, they never gave any updates on Chloe. Presumably she found new owners. But why dwell on the past? It's time to move on! "On a whim," Nicole decided to adopt the 11-year-old dog.

nicole and dog reunite after a lifetime apart Credit: Nicole Grimes

Some people think you control your own destiny. If you think about what you want, you can will it into reality, as Rhonda Byrne argues in the documentary  The Secret. Others believe in fate, a predetermined course of events that are inevitable. Does the universe conform to a natural order? The philosophers can debate the answer; all we know is that when Nicole met the dog, she discovered it's name was Chloe, and was actually her childhood puppy.

"When I found out they were both called Chloe it was really strange. It just clicked when she was introduced to me as Chloe," said Nicole. "When she was dropped off she came running up to me and was licking my face. Then I knew in my heart that she had to be the same dog." Her husband was skeptical, but when they checked the dog's microchip, they verified it was Chloe. She had lived with an elderly couple for many years, and returned to the Humane Society when they passed away.

baby and a dog Credit: Nicole Grimes

Thanks to serendipity, the best friends officially reunited, and then Chloe bonded with a new pal: Nicole's daughter, Violet. "They love to play with each other," said Nicole. "Chloe is very gentle with Violet and it warms my heart to see them together. I felt like I won the lottery. I never thought I’d see her again." The dog also helped Nicole cope with the grieving process, as her grandmother died a few years ago. Her childhood pet re-entered her life, just when she needed her most.