Man adopts dog with tumor so he could live out the rest of his life with 'unconditional love'

Man adopts dog with tumor so he could live out the rest of his life with 'unconditional love'

A man from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has revealed that he adopted a dog with a tumor so that he could live out the rest of his life with unconditional love.

Despite knowing the dog had just weeks to live, Luciano Karosas, 21, welcomed him into his home after he was rejected by four families due to his illness.

Thanos, who had previously been named Coconut before being adopted by the Berazategui native, had a cancerous tumor growing in his head.

Thanos was living with a different family when the tragic diagnosis was made. Unfortunately, caring for the critically ill pooch had become too difficult for them - particularly after the cancer spread to his head - and so they decided to give him up.

The pup was then looked after by several other families, however, they also felt at a loss as far as caring for a canine with his condition was concerned. And so Thanos was taken to an animal shelter where he met the kind-hearted Luciano.

When the young man visited the shelter, he immediately fell in love with Thanos and decided, particularly after being made aware of the dog's unfortunate story, to take him in and give him the most loving last few weeks possible.

"I came out with a piece of my heart in my hand," Luciano told Portal Amigo Cao.

Luciano felt responsible for the health and happiness of his new pet and wanted to ensure he did everything in his power to save the animal. So he took Thanos to the vet, hoping that the dog could undergo a life-saving procedure.

"I found it hard to adapt to the idea of ​​how little time we will spend together," he explained to Portal Amigo Cao. "I took him to a stem cell veterinarian to see what we could do, looking for a little more hope (which had given him 40 days to live) and told me that there is no treatment that extends that time."

This news was disappointing for Luciano, but he still wanted to make sure Thanos' last few days were as special as possible. So he pampered and showered the pup with nothing but love.

Tragically, Thanos died from the illness earlier this year, with Luciano wishing him a "good trip" on social media, to which he added: "I will love you forever."