Super Bowl winner celebrates by paying the adoption fees of every dog in shelter

Super Bowl winner celebrates by paying the adoption fees of every dog in shelter

As reported by CNN, Kansas City Chiefs star Derrick Nnadi is celebrating his Super Bowl victory by paying for the adoption fees of every single dog at an animal rescue center.

That means more than 100 dogs are now absolutely free to adopt at the Kansas City Pet Project in Missouri.

Speaking to CNN, Nnadi said: "All my life I always wanted a dog. Growing up I didn't have a pet, my parents didn't really allow pets."

More on this heartwarming story in the video below:

Writing on their official Facebook page, the KC Pet Project animal shelter wrote:

"KC WINS! We are so excited to announce that the Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle, Derrick Nnadi is choosing to celebrate the Super Bowl win by paying for the adoptions of all the adoptable dogs currently at KC Pet Project!

"We have had an amazing, season-long, partnership with Derrick and he couldn't have thought of a better ending.

"This partnership has been sponsored by the Derrick Nnadi Foundation. To learn more and to donate today, visit

"To see all of our adoptable dogs visit"

Despite not being able to own a dog when he was growing up, the defensive tackle eventually got himself a furry friend in his senior year of college. The love between Nnadi and Rocky (pictured below) inspired the Super Bowl champion to help other animals in need.

Nnadi said: "When I first got [Rocky], he was very timid. It made me think of how other animals, whether they're owned or in a shelter, are feeling scared and alone."

Then in his second year in the NFL, Nnadi, through his Derrick Nnadi Foundation, started a partnership with the non-profit KC Pet Project. Since then, Nnadi has paid the adoption fees of a dog for every Chiefs victory. Up until Sunday's big game win, the Chiefs had won 15 times, including the post-season.

Below is a couple who were able to adopt a dog thanks to Nnadi's kindness and generosity:

The Facebook post reads: "We're so excited that 33 pets found forever homes on the first day of our adoption special, including our sweet boy, Kuko! His adoption fee was covered by Chiefs player, Derrick Nnadi, and he's going to be so spoiled in his new home. Congrats to all 33 pets who were adopted today!"

But following Nnadi's first championship win on Sunday, he decided he celebrate by paying the adoption fees (an average of $150), for over 100 dogs.

The 23-year-old with a heart of gold revealed that partnering with the KC Pet Project has given him extra motivation to go out on the field and win.

"I've never been a champion before. All the years of me playing football, that first time honestly feels like the best day of my life," Nnadi added.

Speaking to CNN, Tori Fugate, the KC Pet Project chief communications officer, said: "Thanks to his incredible support, more than 100 available dogs in our care will have their adoption fees sponsored starting today."

In fact, earlier today the KC Pet Project revealed in a Facebook post that 38 dogs have already been adopted thanks to Nnadi:

They wrote: "Wow, what a day! We know everyone is anxious to hear how many pets found homes today thanks to the Derrick Nnadi Foundation sponsoring the fees of all of our available dogs.

"44 pets left the shelter (38 dogs and 6 cats) with new families and up to 30 more are going home tomorrow! Of the 109 dogs that qualified for the sponsorship, hopefully around 40 of those dogs will still be available after tomorrow, which is just incredible. We want to thank all of the families who came out today and patiently waited to adopt a pet, and we are beyond grateful to Derrick Nnadi for this incredibly kind gesture helping our city's pets.

"We are thrilled that Derrick's generosity was featured today in many national news outlets including ESPNCNNCBS NewsToday ShowABC NewsUSA TODAY, and on dozens of local news stations around the country."

Thank you, Nnadi!