Sylvester Stallone still owns the 45-year-old turtles from 'Rocky' and it's so cute

Sylvester Stallone still owns the 45-year-old turtles from 'Rocky' and it's so cute

Remember that scene where Rocky Balboa, played by veritable acting legend Sylvester Stallone, buys a couple of turtles from a pet store in the 1976 Oscar-winning movie Rocky?

If your memory needs a little refreshing, this is the scene with Stallone and his then-baby turtles:

Well, as it turns out, Stallone still owns Cuff and Link (yes, they're still very much alive) who by his own estimation are about 45 years old.

The thing is, this revelation was actually made last May when he posted a picture to Instagram from the set of Creed 2, released last November.

"In CREED 2 with my original buddies from the first Rocky," he captioned the snap. "CUFF and LINK , now about 44 years old!"

While this is by no means a new revelation, the 72-year-old actor still being in possession of the turtles recently came to our attention yesterday when it was discussed in a post on Reddit.

Titled "Rocky Balboa's turtles Cuff and Link, who were shown in 'Creed II', are the same turtles he bought in 'Rocky' and have been Sylvester Stallone's IRL pets for nearly 50 years", the thread saw a number of fans share their thoughts on the nostalgic snap.

"Stallone has turtles. Mike Tyson has pigeons. I wonder what other pets tough guys keep? I bet Keanu has a dog," one Redditor speculated.

"That’s so cool. They were so small then," added another.

"Turtles are technically the best pets because odds are you won't have to see them die," a third chimed in.

Sylvester had also kept Butkus, the Bullmastiff from Rocky and Rocky II. But before the first movie was released, the actor was facing financial troubles, and so was forced to sell the pooch. Half a year later, he bought Butkus back and had his beloved dog until 1981.