VT Originals: Christmas Suits

VT Originals: Christmas Suits

When it comes to outfits, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Shinesty, however, aims to be a one-stop shop for anyone who is looking to have all eyes on them, with a product mission of creating the most "outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen."

Christmas is the perfect excuse for many people to go over the top with what they are wearing. As an alternative to garish Christmas jumpers, Shinesty created a collection of truly show-stopping festive suits guaranteed to make an impression at any office party.

Based on traditional Christmas sweaters, "Ugly Christmas Sweater" suits come in a variety of designs - which people are more used to seeing on jumpers rather than such a formal get-up. Retailing for an average of $99.99, the suit puts a sexy twist on these usually garish patterns.

Capitalizing on the suit's sex appeal, as well as the type of confident people who would be willing to wear such an eye-catching outfit around the holiday season, VT approached Shinesty to create a video about their "Ugly Christmas Sweater" suits for Christmas 2017.

For the video, VT had a number of men model the unusual suits, proudly strutting around in various locations as though they were walking down a runway, or posing for a magazine. The suits were modeled with extreme confidence, something which created a real comical dimension to the video.

Social engagement was actively encouraged by VT on Facebook with the following caption, "Tag someone who'd ROCK these suits".

Watch the video for yourself below:

Since the video was posted on November 29, 2017, it has received 53M views, 220K likes and 341K comments, and 492K shares.

Jungle Creations, the parent company behind VT, is the most viewed company on Facebook, and these stats are a reflection of the fact that its employees know what kind of products appeal to a mass audience, but, more importantly, they know how to market it well.

VT's video for Shinesty might be seasonal, but the company's products are not, and those who have found Shinesty through it may be inspired to purchase other products similar products such as its party suits, which are available for almost every occasion imaginable.

While standing out from the crowd certainly isn't for everyone, the success of the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" suits is a testament to the fact that with enough confidence, just about any outfit can be sexy, and there are few things more eye-catching than a suit few would dare to wear!