Adult actress Valentina Jewel is subjected to verbal tirade by Miami Dolphins fan

Adult actress Valentina Jewel is subjected to verbal tirade by Miami Dolphins fan

Whether you agree with it or not, adult entertainment is a legal entertainment industry that provides many people - on and off screen - with a sustainable and sometimes lavish living. The actors in these movies - no matter what their gender - are people, and nobody should ever attack them because of what they have chosen to do for a career.

Sadly, however, one adult actress became the victim of a foul-mouthed tirade during an NFL game between the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins on Sunday.

Check out the alarming footage below:

Honduran-born adult actress Valentina Jewels, 21, was enjoying a day out with fellow employees of the adult film company, BangBros., when an unidentified fan holding a cup of beer started shouting at the star following a touchdown by the Dolphins.

"Your girl’s a f***ing w***e", he shouts at the man standing next to Jewels, directing his abuse at the actress. "You ain’t got s*** on me, f***ing b**** ass mother*****,' he continued.

Per the Daily Mail, the clip was first seen on Instagram, along with the caption: "So the #miamidolphins score a TD, and this #drunk guy goes off on the #porn #girls from @theofficialbangbros ! #bangbus." Valentina Jewels later confirmed the incident, sharing the clip on her Twitter account and writing: "That's me."

Ironically, Valentina was also there to cheer on the Dolphins, so perhaps the red and white BangBros colors caused the man to misdirect his abuse. In fact, the entire BangBros. company are fans of many Miami teams, and earlier this year revealed they had placed a $10 million bid for the naming rights to the Miami Heat stadium.

Check out Jewels at the tailgate party before the game:

In a Twitter statement, the company said: "Miami is known for many things-South Beach, beautiful women, and sports teams like the professional NBA team the Miami Heat. Miami is also known for BangBros.

"So it makes sense to pair up winning programs like the Miami Heat and BangBros for a sponsorship opportunity, naming the home arena they play in. Both the Heat and BangBros have become staples of the city, with huge fans of each.

"It doesn’t get more Miami than having the arena sponsored by BangBros. To show how serious BangBros is, they have already offered $10million, and are suggesting the name BangBros Center ('The BBC') as the new home of the Miami Heat for the next decade."

Unfortunately, the bid was unsuccessful.

And just in case you're only here for the final score, the game ended with the Redskins defeating the Dolphins 17-16 at home.