Bradley Cooper has a huge mustache now and fans are loving it

Bradley Cooper has a huge mustache now and fans are loving it

It's safe to say that unless male grooming trends change dramatically, the mustache has had its heyday.

In 2019, they're more associated with pornstars of yesteryears, but that could all be about the change thanks to Bradley Cooper, who has just debuted a huge mustache - and surprisingly, fans of the actor are here for it.

But not necessarily for the reason you might expect...

In the video below, Lady Gaga addresses the rumors that she's "in love" with Cooper: 

The 44-year-old debuted his new look at Disneyland with his daughter, Lea, two, and it's safe to say that if Cooper's intention was to grow the mustache to go incognito, he pretty much succeeded. It's hard to believe it's him.

The actor looks so different from his usual self that he's now being compared to Jeff Foxworthy, the famously mustached comedian.

"Just saw a picture of Bradley Cooper with a mustache and thought it was Jeff Foxworthy!!#BradleyCooperPleaseShave," one person tweeted.

"Does anyone else think that Bradley Cooper currently looks like 1990's Jeff Foxworthy?" another said.

While the actor could have been trying to go incognito at Disney, or simply experimenting with his facial hair, given his occupation, it's more than likely that he's grown a mustache for a project he's working on.

So, unsurprisingly, it was suggested that the 44-year-old could be starring in the "The Jeff Foxworthy Lifestory".

The account above joked that the tache is enough for fans to wish that Cooper was on Instagram. After all, it would mean more tache content - and a chance for Cooper to respond to the Foxworthy comparisons.

What do you think of Cooper's mustache? Is it a look? And I mean, a look? Or should it be consigned to the realms of VHS dirty movies where it belongs?