Brie Larson has perfect reaction after proposal happens right in front of her

Brie Larson has perfect reaction after proposal happens right in front of her

Something magical happened at ACE Comic-Con during a fan meet-and-greet with Brie Larson: a proposal.

In a series of pictures that would warm even the coldest of hearts, John Chambrone gets down on one knee to propose to his boyfriend Richard Owen, while 30-year-old Larson reacts in the best way possible, before the pair seal the deal with a kiss.

Afterward, the 30-year-old took to Twitter to share pictures of the special moment, which she captioned: "Y'all I was present for a proposal and I am CHANGED."

Adding: "Much love to the happy couple!!!!"

Chambrone also took to social media after the proposal writing: "So, most of you may know that I was popping the question today to my beloved Richard Owen and it could not have gone better!"

"Brie Larson was amazing! He said yes and we both put the ring on his finger. As we were walking away, Richard said he saw her tear up a bit.

Brie Larson in Avengers. Credit: Marvel Studios

"We are both so happy that we have been crying on and off all night," he continued. "I never in my life thought I would be this much in love with anyone, let alone want to marry them, but he truly is an amazing guy who shows me daily how much he loves me and I am crazy about him too.

"They took 4 pictures to give us so here you go! Thanks to Brie Larson and Ace Comic Con for bringing her to Chicago and allowing me to include her in this, making it the most epic moment of my life!"

Brie Larson smiling. Credit: PA Images

Brie and likely everyone else was wondering why Chambrone decided to propose in front of her, and he got in touch to explain the adorable reason, writing: "Sorry to 'ambush' you with the proposal, but there is a reason why once I knew we were going to meet you, that it would be the perfect opportunity to pledge my love Richard Owen and promise to love him forever."

"Ever since I was a kid, Carol Danvers has been my favorite character in the comics. Our first real date was to see 'Captain Marvel' - it was actually his first MCU film and he instantly became a fan."

Now, can somebody please pass the tissues?!