Jessica Biel reveals she wishes she had not taken risqué photos when she was younger

Jessica Biel reveals she wishes she had not taken risqué photos when she was younger

The Sinner star, Jessica Biel, has revealed that she regrets many of the outfits she wore when was a young actress. Talking to InStyle, Biel said that she had difficulty choosing outfits when she first found fame because she was "such a tomboy" in her youth.

The now 36-year-old said: "It took me a minute to get into those types of womanly things, like bags and shoes, but in my early 20s a light bulb went off and I was like, 'Oh, I get it now.'"

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Biel told the magazine that in her day-to-day life she doesn't really mind what she wears, explaining that she usually sports jeans and sneakers. Nowadays she has great taste in what she wears to red carpet events, but admitted that she "doesn't love her past fashion choices for high-profile events".

"I wish I would've explored some different shapes, and not gone so sexy all the time,” she told InStyle, “I think if you look at some of my earlier choices, maybe it didn't need to always be about the body. I know it’s a vibe that you feel when you're young, but still, that’s what I would’ve done a little differently."

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This isn't the first time that Biel has expressed regret over her past decisions. She has previously stated that she regretted posing topless for Gear magazine in 2000 - a controversial issue because Biel was only 17 at the time. The actress has stated that taking part in the now infamous photo shoot almost caused her to lose her role on 7th Heaven, a show she had starred in since she was 14.

Speaking on the Awards Chatter podcast, she discussed the backlash that the cover received: "I think my entire crew and cast were, needless to say, shocked ... The worst part was I had to go back to work. The thing comes out and literally I had to go back to work that next morning ... They didn’t know if they should look me in the eye and I was just a mess [sic]."

She continued:

"I think I was 17, I’m a woman now, I’m a grown up now. I’m sexy, ya know, this type of vibe and honestly, it just went a little awry. It definitely never was meant to be some shocking, exposing situation and whether it was my own sort of ya know ability to try to be my own person by myself, ya know, confident woman. I said yes to things that probably I should’ve said no to. It was just one of those things that got out of hand [sic]."

Biel, who is married to pop superstar Justin Timberlake, said that she now asks his advice when she isn't sure about what to wear. Justin, who owns his own clothing line, apparently helps her out:

"I say, 'Justin, does this work? What’s wrong with it? And how do I fix it?’. He is my best fashion bounce-off."

Don't worry about it Jessica, we've all made some questionable fashion choices in our youth. I think we can all see that both you and Justin have got your fashion game on lock now.