12 Normal people who dated a celebrity before they were famous spill the dirt

12 Normal people who dated a celebrity before they were famous spill the dirt

It's hard enough having an ex - let alone them being known around the world on account of their talent, looks and money.

But this is the reality for these twelve people, who took to Reddit claiming to have dated some household names. I mean, if you'd spent some one-on-one time with the likes of Chris Pratt and Christina Hendricks, you'd also find any opportunity to talk about it.

While there's no way to verify if these accounts are actually true, we have to remember that celebrities are just people, and they want to find love as much as the rest of us...

1. Emilia Clarke is really witty, apparently  Reddi t Credit: Reddit

2. Chris Pratt needs to invest in some deodorant 

Reddit Credit: Reddit 3. Robert Downey Jr. is "kind of a jerk"  reddit Credit: Reddit 4. Adam Sandler is too pure for this world  Reddit Credit: Reddit 5. Hayden Panettiere is genuinely kind  reddit Credit: Reddit 6. Monica Lewinsky is "amazingly intelligent", because duh  reddit Credit: Reddit 7. Elvis was trouble, because again, duh  reddit Credit: Reddit 8. Not surprised...  Reddit Credit: Reddit 9. Typical Pink  Credit: Reddit Credit: Reddit 10. Buddy Holly had dirty fingernails  Reddit Credit: Reddit 11. Miley Cyrus was "kinda crazy"  Reddit Credit: Reddit 12. Jennifer Connelly filled a man's life with eternal regret  Credit: Reddit Credit: Reddit

Well, it seems like celebs are humans too, just like the rest of us...