15 Celebrity names you've been pronouncing the wrong way

15 Celebrity names you've been pronouncing the wrong way

I find myself struggling over how to pronounce certain words far more often than I'd like. We all try to hide it when we don't know for sure, and it doesn't tend to go well when you're caught out getting it wrong.

No one likes to feel stupid, and certain mispronunciations are ripe for everyone to poke fun at you for the rest of your life - however, there are some names that a lot of us are guilty of getting wrong.

1. Hayden Panettiere

It might be your first instinct to pronounce the actress' surname as "PAN-Eh-Tier" but the way it's meant to be said is "PAN-Eh-TEE-air".

2. Saoirse Ronan

They aren't exactly many mispronunciations of this one as there are people giving up and saying, "you know that girl from Ladybird?" Turns out her name is pronounced as 'Seer-Sha Row-Nin'.

3. Ralph Fiennes

No one is going to make fun of you for getting this one wrong. In this case, Ralph is actually pronounced as 'Ray-ff', rhyming with 'Faith'.

4. Lupita Nyong’o

Despite the actress becoming a star with 12 Years A Slave and cementing her place in Hollywood this year with Black Panther, plenty of people are still getting her name completely wrong. Her first name is said 'Loo-Pee-Ta', while her surname is pronounced 'Nyawn-Go'. Check out the video below to hear it said right:

5. Steve Buscemi

If you've ever pondered over whether you're saying this right or not, the actor's name is pronounced 'Boo-Semi'. Although, as you can see in the below interview, most people don't get that right.

6. Amanda Seyfried

It's not 'Say-Freed' or 'See-Fried' as you might think, but as the actress explained in the below interview: 'Sigh-Frid'.

7. Lindsay Lohan

We all know this actress, for good and bad reasons, but many are still calling her 'Low-En', when she says, 'Low-Han'.

8. Eva Mendes

You're probably getting this actress' surname spot-on, but her first name isn't pronounced as 'EE-Va' as it looks. Instead, you are meant to say 'Ay-Va'.

9. Ryan Phillippe

Instead of going with the safe bet of 'Fih-Leep', you should actually be saying the actor's surname as 'Fil-Lip-ee'.

10. Halsey

A lot of people pronounce the singer's name as 'Hal-See', with the first syllable rhyming with 'pal'. However, the name (which is actually an anagram of her real first name, Ashley) is actually pronounced 'HALL-See'.

11. Charlize Theron

I think I may have looked this one up a dozen times but have never remembered it right. Rather than saying 'Ther-own', you're meant to say 'Ther-in', as she discussed with Jimmy Fallon.

12. Sufjan Stevens

Most people get this one wrong, but rather than saying it as it's written ('Suf-Jan'), the artist's first name is actually pronounced 'Soof-Yan'.

13. Bon Iver

If you thought this was going to be simple, you'd be dead wrong. The grammy award-winning musician's name, which is based on the French for 'good winter' ('bon hiver'), is actually pronounced as 'Bone-ee-VARE'.

14. Rachel Weisz

The actress has said that most Americans fail to pronounce her name right, but Londoners get it right nearly every time. You may be pronouncing it as 'Why-sss', but it is meant to be pronounced the same as 'Vice'.

15. Björk

While I (and many others) thought we got it right with 'Bee-York', and others even saying 'Buh-Jork' (c'mon guys), the singer clarified to NPR that it's actually 'Bee-Yerk'. "I usually say it rhymes with 'Jerk'," the singer said.

I generally thought I had a handle on at least most of these before I started writing it, but the internet (and the actual celebrity, in some cases) has so far proven that I was missing out on a lot of things. With this knowledge in hand, you can be the smug bearer of bad news to all your friends and family.