Adele shows off three-stone weight loss in beach vacation pictures

Adele shows off three-stone weight loss in beach vacation pictures

It is no secret that British singer Adele is one of the most talented individuals in the music industry today.

Don't believe me? Well, in just over a decade, Adele has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, 15 Grammy Awards, nine Brit Awards, 18 Billboard Music Awards, five American Music Awards, and two Ivor Novello Awards for Songwriter of the Year.

Not going to lie, I shed a few tears during this acceptance speech:

However, it is not Adele's music that is on the minds of her fans right now; it is her weight (or, her three-stone weight-loss to be more specific).

Yes, in the last two months, Adele has flaunted her 30lbs+ weight loss in a series of stunning pictures - first at Drake's birthday party back in October, then second in a Christmas snap she shared a week ago - both can be seen below:

However, fans are growing more and more concerned for the 'Someone Like You' singer, after she was recently snapped on vacation with Harry Styles on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, the Daily Mail reports.

Sharing the images of the 31-year-old to social media sites, fans couldn't help but express their concerns the multi-award-winning star.

Twitter user @mirajslut simply wrote alongside the recent pictures: "what the..... I hope she’s okay"

And another user with the handle @WeirdLittleHen wrote: "I hope Adele is okay. She doesn’t look well here. Hope she lost weight healthily and for the right reasons."

However, several other fans have pointed out the hypocrisy of people commenting on Adele's recent weight loss, with others saying people should keep their opinions to themselves altogether:

Twitter user @Jeanlagos_ wrote: "Let her live in peace, she will always be beautiful."

And @presleycray13 typed: "[hold] up. the same people who made fun of adele in 2012 for her weight are NOW the ones saying shes too skinny?? yall were LITERALLY the reason!! society is so toxic i cannot what im reading on twitter rn. anyway adele has always and will always be beautiful yall are just MEAN. [sic]"

And @fransbeautyblog wrote: "Twitter wheeling out all the fatphobes now Adele has lost weight. We really need to stop attributing beauty to the size of our bodies. Adele was, is and always will be beautiful, whatever her weight. Have a nice day."