Amy Schumer reveals why she feels 'really bad' for 'hot' women

Amy Schumer reveals why she feels 'really bad' for 'hot' women

Everybody has different goals in life, but there are a few things that almost all of us would have if we could: more time, more money, and more chances to be successful with the people we find attractive. The first of these is pretty much impossible, the second is rare, and the third... well, the third isn't totally unachievable - you just have to somehow get hotter.

And, let's be real, who wouldn't want to be more attractive? People would probably treat you better, you'd feel more confident about yourself, and life might get just a teeny tiny bit easier.

Well, according to Amy Schumer, she doesn't want any of those things.

While speaking on Dax Shepherd's podcast, Armchair Expert, Schumer said that she would not want to be "an ounce more attractive," and that, actually, she feels bad for women who are "hot".

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 10: Amy Schumer attend attend the 72nd Annual Tony Awards on June 10, 2018 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. (Photo by Walter McBride/WireImage) Credit: Getty

“Being a woman sucks," she said.

"It’s very difficult, and something else that we’ve all realized is like, we are sexualized like, all the time – even when it seems crazy – so I feel really bad for these girls who are so hot because guys can’t handle it. You can’t have a conversation. Everything’s gonna skew sexual and you’re gonna be treated differently. And honestly, I actually feel really bad for them."

However, she acknowledged that many women feel the complete opposite is an issue for them.

"But then there’s also women that feel so unattractive that they’re just invisible… it just sucks," she said.

In terms of her own appearance, however, Schumer claimed that she was perfectly content with how she is, saying that she "would not change a f***ing thing".

And, really, why should she? It doesn't really matter what a person looks like - their happiness with their own appearance is the most important thing.

Later in the show, Schumer also took a moment to reflect on the danger of being a woman - regardless of physical appearance.

"Women are mostly scared of violence because, you know, one in six women reports being sexually assaulted but really it’s one in three women, so we’re not even like, ‘is this going to happen?’ We’re like, ‘when?'" she said. "Women, we run home at night…. we live in constant fear of violence."

The actress was famously arrested earlier this month after protesting Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, so she's obviously very passionate about the subject.

So, while other people are out there fretting about their weight or investing in tons of new clothes or cosmetic products, Schumer is out there talking about the things that really matter.

Who can be sure whether or not she's right about so-called "hot" women being treated differently by guys (from my personal experience as a very average looking human being, I honestly wouldn't know), but that's almost certainly something that's more of an issue with sexually inappropriate behaviour than it is with people being attractive.

Kudos to her for being so open on a topic that many people might have steered clear of - and even bigger props for actually going out and standing up for what she believes in.