Anna Kendrick suitcase photo sparks hilarious Photoshop battle

Anna Kendrick suitcase photo sparks hilarious Photoshop battle

Everybody loves Anna Kendrick. The Pitch Perfect star isn't just a talented actress and singer; she's also very funny. When Yahoo ran a story about Enrique Iqlesias and Anna Kournikova's newborn twins, they accidentally used an image of Anna Kendrick in the article. On Twitter, Kendrick responded, saying, "Dear Yahoo: how do I get to this timeline where I've slept with Enrique Iqlesias please and thank you." Then she followed it up with, "I realize the confusion probably came from the two Anna K names, but she's a tall blonde athlete and I'm - oh, oh - do they think I'm the baby?"

In January 2017, Kendrick posted a photo of herself curled up in her suitcase, with the caption, "I hate packing.". At 5'2", the actress is very petite, but we didn't realize just how tiny she was. It seems like she can contort her body to fit into any small space. Never play hide and seek with Anna Kendrick, because you will lose. In fact, she doesn't even need to buy a plane ticket. She could ride in her luggage, or mail herself to her destination in a box.

Although this photo is over a year old, people weren't ready to let it go yet. Reddit users chose it for one of their infamous Photoshop Battles, and the results were hilarious. In fact, you could say they were 'Up In The Air.' I mean, 'Pitch Perfect.' Sorry. Can't believe I screwed that up. Anyway, these Redditors got skills, and made some very creative edits.

1. I would play this version of Tetris

2. She's nesting

3. Truth in advertising

4. Egg-cellent

5. Anna of Steel

6. Congratulations - it's a Kendrick!

7. Looks delicious

8. Welcome to the future

9. Starbaby! I'm down for this 2001 reboot.

10. Google should do this on her birthday

11. Look what I caught!

12. It's a kaleidoscope of Kendricks

13. Those ads are pretty freaky

14. Sorry, sir, we're going to have to check your bag

Sadly, Anna hasn't commented on the Photoshop battle yet. Where is she? Check your pockets and your purse - she could be literally anywhere.

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