Ariana Grande reveals what she's changing her name to after marriage

Ariana Grande reveals what she's changing her name to after marriage

Getting married can lead to a mild kind of personality crisis, especially when confronted with the choice of taking your spouse's last name.

Maybe you're a fan of tradition and love the idea of taking your husband's surname when going from a Miss to a Mrs, or perhaps your husband can't wait to take yours simply because it sounds much cooler than his. Of course, you can keep your names how they were before, or hyphenate them to create a new combination.

Whatever it is, it's just another decision to make when tying the knot.

One person who's facing the same decision is 25-year-old Ariana Grande. She and SNL comedian Pete Davidson recently announced their engagement after only a few weeks of dating, and although they're not planning on getting married in the immediate future, Ariana has already thought about what she wants to do with her name.

The newly-engaged singer spoke to Ebro Darden in an interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1 last month, and they chatted about her name and why she wants to change it.

Ebro asked if she was going to hyphenate her surname, saying "Are you gonna be like Ariana Grande-Davidson?". Without a pause, Ariana confirmed "yeah" with a smile.

She said that she's not sure if she'll change her artist's name to Grande-Davidson too, saying she might just go Madonna on us and ditch the last name when she's being referred to as a singer.

"I feel like I’d eventually just be Ariana: Isn’t that sick?" she said. "I feel like it’s got a ring to it."

Sure does.

Ariana's got a very important reason for keeping Grande in her name too.

"I have to keep Grande because of my grandpa. I think of him with everything I do in it and he was so proud of our name, I should keep it," she said.

In the same interview, she revealed that she's already thinking about how many kids she wants. "Eventually, like down the line, probably like three," she said when asked how many children she can picture her and Pete having.

Those three kids will likely carry the Grande name forward for future generations.

She also implied that we've been pronouncing her name wrong the whole time too. She said she grew up saying Ariana "Grand-ee", not "Grand-eh".

"My grandpa said Grand-ee," she said. "My brother kind of changed it to Grand-eh because Grand-ee was kind of like the Americanised version of it, you know?"

And technically, she's actually called Ariana Grande-Butera. During the interview, she said her name as it would be pronounced according to her Italian heritage, hilariously joking that it "sounds like a pizza".

Well, it's nice that she's keeping Grande in honour of her grandpa and their family's history. As for when she and Pete will be getting married? She said it'll be more than five months, but less than five years. Woop!