Ariana Grande speaks out about being pregnant with Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande speaks out about being pregnant with Pete Davidson

Unless you've been living under a rock - or you know, purposefully avoid tabloid gossip - you'll be aware that Ariana Grande broke up with rapper Mac Miller, and then promptly shacked up with SNL star Pete Davidson.

The whole situation got rather messy - after Miller was arrested for drunk driving, crashing into a pole and attempting to flee the scene on foot, all with a blood alcohol content that was twice the legal limit - something that many people attribute to his aforementioned breakup with Grande.

In fact, some Twitter users went so far as to insinuate that the pop-star was responsible for her ex-boyfriend's meltdown. A tweet which quickly went viral read, "Mac Miller totalling his G wagon and getting a DUI after Ariana Grande dumped him for another dude after he poured his heart out on a ten song album to her called the divine feminine is just the most heartbreaking thing happening in Hollywood."

Now, given the intensity of their relationship to date, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive over speculation that Grande is pregnant with Davidson's child.

In recent weeks, Ariana has been increasingly open with her fans on Twitter, so when one follower asked her if she's having a shot-gun wedding to cover up a pregnancy, she responded in the best way possible.

Instead of blatantly denying it, she retweeted a fan's version of her Sweetener cover, which saw her rolling her eyes.

"Mood for the next few years til i'm actually ready #fertilequeen," she wrote.

She did, however, agree with a fan's assertion that she and Pete would make beautiful children, because duh.

Well, there you have it. Regardless of how you feel about Ariana and Pete's relationship - and how fast it has moved - it's evident that they're doing things on their own terms, and not letting tabloid chatter get in the way. Good on them!