Ariana Grande's music is being boycotted by her fans for a really strange reason

Ariana Grande's music is being boycotted by her fans for a really strange reason

Ah, Ariana Grande.

Right now, is there a bigger pop star out there in the world? No, seriously: please tell me if there is, I'm not that good at keeping up with the charts. Between her intense engagement with Pete Davidson and her new album thank u, next, Grande's had a lot to deal with over the past year or so, but she's earned quite a few fans in the process.

Not least at this year's Grammys, where Grande's fourth studio album Sweetener won Best Pop Album, and you couldn't begrudge her success at all. Which makes it all the more strange that some of Ariana Grande's many, many fans out there are boycotting one of her songs, for a quite strange reason.

It all stems from that album we've already talked about quite a lot, thank u, next. The lead single off of that album was the song thank u, next, which broke YouTube for a little bit and shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Then, the next single to came out was 7 rings, which also shot to the top of the charts, and as the album dropped, Grande is looking for an unprecedented hat-trick of number one singles. So why, then, are Ariana Grande fans now boycotting one of her songs?

It's so that Grande's next song, break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored, can make its way to the top unchallenged by the other Ariana Grande songs. On Twitter, fans of Grande are fervently urging people to stop listening to 7 rings, like this passionate tweeter:

"to those who don’t understand why we have to STOP streaming 7 rings, buwygfib [break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored] NEEDS to debut at #1 to make ariana the only artist in HISTORY to debut 3 songs at #1. y’all can go back to streaming 7 rings after break up debuts at #1."

That make sense? Nah, me neither, and Ariana Grande is pretty thrown, too. She's replying to all of those tweets with love, but more than a little bit of confusion. "y’all are so insane and funny and i love u. nothings funnier than ‘boycott seven rings’..... i can’t lmao. whatever’s meant to be will be, babies," Grande replied to one tweet.

In the meantime, I'm sure Grande will just bask in the glory of her Grammy win. While she wasn't there to collect her award in person, she tweeted at her record label Republic Records, manager Scooter Braun, producer Pharrell, songwriter and friend Victoria Monet, thanking them for their help in winning the award.

All in all, it's shaping to be the year of the Grande, isn't it? Even if she doesn't get that third chart topper, she can at least rest in the knowledge that she's at the top of her game, and I'm sure she'll be celebrating a few more Grammy wins before her time's up.