Bam Margera publicly asks Dr Phil for help amid struggles

Bam Margera publicly asks Dr Phil for help amid struggles

Jackass was all the rage in the 2000s. Fans loved the show members' crazy, daredevil antics. But since the series ended, much of the cast have faced serious issues. Aside from various arrests, some cast members have struggled with alcohol or drug addiction, and have been to rehab several times.

Here's a highlight reel of the best Jackass moments:

Bam Margera is no exception to the rule. The Jackass member is very open about his struggle with mental health and addiction. This week, he took to Instagram to ask for Dr. Phil's help. In a string of 11 videos of him talking to the camera, Bam discussed some of his issues with his followers.

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He started his first video by addressing Dr. Phil and saying: "I need your help in a big big way. My family is in shambles. It's been worse than it's ever been, ever. I've disowned my mom. I'll tell you why. Nikki I can't stand."

He went on to say that his wife, Nikki, is stubborn and will use their son as bait if they separate.

His next video discussed his mother: "Everything she says is negative. She always cuts people off and never lets them finish."

Bam continued, saying that he's been to 28 doctors and rehab four times, but that the only person he believes can help him is the TV doctor: "The only person I believe is you because, when I watch you, I'm like 'that's what I would've said.' The only person I will believe on the planet is Dr. Phil."

In the remaining videos, Bam criticised Novak, another Jackass star. He picked at his spending habits, and accused him of being on a high horse since getting sober.

And one of the final videos the 39-year-old posted had the caption: "Do i need help?? Aren't i asking Dr. Phil now? No? This is the last post cause i said all my problems and i feel much better already by just letting it all out!!"

Here's hoping that the Jackass star and his friends can get back on their feet.