Bam Margera shares disturbing video of rap crew attacking the former 'Jackass' star

Bam Margera shares disturbing video of rap crew attacking the former 'Jackass' star

Alarming footage has recently re-emerged showing former Jackass star Bam Margera on the receiving end of an attack by Icelandic rap crew, The Glacier Mafia.

The gripping altercation took place at the Secret Solstice festival back in 2015 but is once more capturing people's attention. It is believed that footage, shared by Margera himself, was released in a bid to promote his band, Evesdroppers.

This is the moment a heavily outnumbered Bam Magera was attacked by a crew of rappers:

The reality TV star's attackers are part of Icelandic rap crew, The Glacier Mafia, but there are conflicting accounts as to why they had even pounced on Margera in the first place.

What we do know for sure is that Gísli Palmi, who formed the rap crew, threw the first punch (to Margera's face) and that the rest of the crew immediately followed.

As well as his face, he also received a ferocious punch to both the back and the side of his head. So debilitating was the attack that on the way out, Margera can be seen falling to the ground.

Margera - who rose to fame on MTV's Jackass, and later starred in a host of other reality TV shows - is said by some accounts to have been harassing female security guards at the event, Vice's noisey reports.

According to witnesses, the guards were denying the intoxicated skateboarder entry into the production room of the festival.

This alleged harassment of the female employees didn't escape The Glacier Mafia's notice and they decided to confront Margera regarding his behaviour.

Margera continues to deny harassing the guards, and according to his own account of the incident, he was simply trying to speak to his former publicist Leon Hill, who he says owed him money.

"I found out two years ago that the motherf***er [Hill] had started a Youtube channel on me and a few other people," he explained. "His scam is that he tells all the people that he’s working for that the other person is getting more hits and that they got the money."

"So when we all got together and figured that out, we realised that’s how Leon Hill became a self-made millionaire."