Bella Thorne slammed for "glamorising" domestic abuse with Halloween costume

Bella Thorne slammed for "glamorising" domestic abuse with Halloween costume

Former Disney actress Bella Thorne has been criticized by social media users over her Halloween costume, which supposedly glamourizes domestic abuse.

This week, the actress and model took to Instagram to post some pictures of her Halloween get-up, with a fake blood spatters and smoky eyeshadow, which gave the illusion of bloodstained lips and bruised eyes. Bella captioned the post: "Hire me for your Halloween makeup I got u boo 🔪🔪🔪 😂😂😂"

However, some Instagram users took umbrage with Bella's picture and claimed that it appeared to make her look like a survivor of domestic violence.

Indeed, a number of Instagram users took to the comments to claim that Thorne was actually being facetious with her cosmetics, while others were more concerned about her safety, and worried that someone had struck her.

Take a look at this video of Bella Thorne showing off her hairy armpits:

For instance, one Instagram user commented: "Girl is this really makeup because it looks real asf and I want to beat up whoever did it to you. [sic]" Meanwhile, someone else wrote: "[That] looks so real I was scared before reading the caption lol [sic]" and someone else added: "Looks like domestic violence to me."

In a recent interview with CR Fashion, Thorne opened up about how the double standard with how women and men express sexuality on social media, stating: "I do know that if Justin Bieber posts a photo of himself shirtless, nobody’s giving him a hard time, but if I post a picture of myself in a bikini, they’re like: 'You’re a whore.'"

She added: "It’s about owning your own sh*t, and not listening to what other people tell you you should be like, or dress like, or talk like. There’s something amazing and wonderful about watching a woman who’s like: 'F*ck all that.'"