Beyoncé and Jay-Z's concert turned into a brawl between backup dancers and a drunken fan

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's concert turned into a brawl between backup dancers and a drunken fan

While it's hard to recall when exactly the world fell head-over-heels for the powerhouse that is Beyoncé, I think we can all agree that we live in a world that she effectively runs.

Queen Bey not only dominates the charts and headlines, but her commitment to social justice and human rights has transcended her from being a pop-star to an icon. And even if you're a naysayer, disagreeing with all the acclaim she continues to receive album after album; her militant fan-base won't allow you to say anything to the contrary.

One member of the Beyhive, however, took it too far on Saturday night when attending the On The Run II tour in Atlanta.

On Saturday night at Beyoncé and Jay-Z's On The Run II tour in Atlanta, one fan got a little too overexcited and drunkly clambered onto the stage towards the end of the performance.

Fan videos which have since been posted on Twitter show the concert-goer ambitiously jumping onto the stage, and attempting to get all close and personal with Bey and Jay. But once the backup dancers and security realised what was happening, all hell broke loose and dozens of dancers ran frantically after the fan.

In some of the videos it even looks as if some dancers were tackling the audience member.

Here's a clip of the fan jumping onto the stage...

And this is the moment when Beyoncé and Jay-Z's backup dancers ran up to the fan, in an attempt to help the Carters:

Just look at that brawl!

According to TMZ, law enforcement was called, but no charges were pressed against the concert-crasher. A rep for the tour has since stated that no one was injured during the incident, but still, a representative for Beyoncé added that security may be tightened in the future.

Naturally, the people of the internet had quite the reaction to the tussle. "Yo her dancers are loyal. I want to read those contracts and see that pay. They booked it towards the fan," one Twitter user wrote, while another added "Her and Jayz had just walked off in that little area where all the dancers started running too.. that guy(the fan) was probably very very close to getting to them."

A third wrote, "Beyoncé is firing someone is all I know."

Well, that's what you get when you invade Queen Bey's personal space...