Beyoncé shares beautiful rare photo of her twins on family vacation

Beyoncé shares beautiful rare photo of her twins on family vacation

When Beyoncé found out Jay-Z cheated on her, she could have told him "boy bye." And he could have told her, "Great. Now I have 100 problems." That would would been it for music's biggest power couple. They'd have to split custody of daughter Blue Ivy, and awkwardly perform half of Crazy In Love at solo concerts.

But after going through therapy, the couple were able to work out their issues. Also, they channeled their emotions into great albums - Beyoncé with her powerful clap-back Lemonade, Jay-Z with his regretful, introspective 4:44. The couple bounced back stronger than ever. This year they joined forces for a world tour and a surprise collaborative album: The Carters - Everything is Love. Instead of revealing domestic drama, they celebrate marriage bliss.

We've already seen six-year-old daughter Blue Ivy take the spotlight. She dropped a sick freestyle rap on a 4:44 bonus track. (Boom shakalaka!) Also, at the Grammy's, she sat between Bey and Jay, which made for an adorable moment. During Camila Cabello's speech about the importance of valuing immigrants in the USA, Bey-Z started to clap, and Blue shushed them. The clip quickly went viral on social media.

However, photos of the twins, Rumi and Sir, have been rare. Beyoncé released one photo back in 2017, when they were one month old, but that's it. You're more likely to find photos of unicorns or Vin Diesel with a full head of hair than these kids. But today Queen Bey blessed her loyal subjects, uploading a new snap in the "Thank You Europe" photo album on her website.

Bey and Jey recently finished the European stretch of their On The Run 2 tour. Now that their work is over, they're on a family vacation. In one photo, Beyoncé cradles the 13-month-old twins on her lap. This is the first photo of the three together, and only the second photo of the twins ever. Beyoncé smiles with joy, Sir is like "whatever," and daughter Rumi is giggling. As you can see, she already has teeth.

In another picture, Jay-Z holds Rumi's hand, as they overlook the water from a yacht. I think they just pushed Kanye West overboard, and are waving him goodbye. Let's face it, he can get pretty annoying sometimes.

In another sweet photo, Beyoncé and Blue pose together on the yacht, wearing matching pink ensembles. Clearly these Queens are living their best lives. If you aren't overwhelmed by cuteness, see a doctor, because you don't have a heart.

"Thank you to Europe for the beautiful memories," the couple wrote on "It's been a pleasure being On The Run with our family, visiting so many incredible places, doing what we love with who we love. We can't wait to comeback. Love, the Carters."

Love you too, Carters. Don't ever scare us by almost breaking up again!