Blake Lively's 'Deadpool' premiere outfit had a lot of hidden references to Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively's 'Deadpool' premiere outfit had a lot of hidden references to Ryan Reynolds

Even though everyone in Hollywood is seemingly breaking up right now (we're looking at you Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan), Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's union is virtually sacrosanct. When they're not poking fun at each other on their respective social media accounts, Reynolds and Lively are photographed leading wholly normal lives with their two children. It's enough to soften the opinion of even the most cold-hearted people out there.

Despite both being A-listers, the pair managed to overlook each other until 2010, when they worked on the DC superhero flick, Green Lantern. They were "just friends" for a few years before marrying in 2012 in a top-secret wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. And now, after the birth of their two adorable daughters, three-year-old James and one-year-old Ines, Reynolds and Lively appear to be more in love than ever.

Well, not according to the tabloid circuit. The rumour mill have been speculating that there is trouble in the pair's marriage - rumours that both parties have shut down on more than one occasion. But at her husband's premiere for Deadpool 2, Blake really made it clear where her loyalties lie.

Lately, Blake Lively has been using her outfits to make heartwarming statements about how much she loves her family. Last week, her clutch at the Met Gala featured the initials of Reynolds and their two daughters. "Take your family to work day..." she captioned the shot of her show-stopping ensemble.

But Blake managed to up her game at the Deadpool 2 premiere on Tuesday, with her outfit containing a slew of hidden references to her husband, and his franchise.

Taking to Instagram after the premiere, Blake revealed that her clutch bag was actually a replica of the cassette tape from the movie. Clever, right? However, she didn't just stop there. She also rocked some custom-made nail art which was dedicated to her husband of six years. On one nail, she had a portrait of Deadpool, and a heart in the shape of his head on another. The final nod to the movie was her ring, which was shaped like the fist of Collossus - the antagonist in the film.

Blake shared a photo of these sartorial details, and the caption stressed just how proud she was of Ryan. "THE cassette tape as a clutch, a portrait of Deadpool on my nail, an X-Force nail, a full DP heart on, and a ring like Collossus’ fist," she stated. "Can you tell I’m proud of my Deadpool? I mean my husband. I mean Deadpool. Honestly I can’t tell the f@*#%ng difference..."

Well, can you say "relationship goals" two times fast? Because that's exactly what Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are.