Cardi B's 'menstruation' gown steals the show at the 2019 Meta Gala

Cardi B's 'menstruation' gown steals the show at the 2019 Meta Gala

Despite the fact a new royal was welcomed into the world just yesterday, last night one fabulous woman unofficially declared herself the queen of EVERYTHING!

In case you missed it, rap goddess Cardi B did what she did best and stole the whole damn show at last night's Met Gala 2019 event.

Cardi arrived in an eye-catching blood-red gown which covered her from head-to-toe. The extravagant train was so long and wide that it needed five men to help assist her throughout the evening.

According to Vogue, Cardi's custom Thom Browne gown extended outwards in concentric circles for about ten feet and was made from tulle and silk organza and filled with down (I literally don't understand 90% of that sentence). The dress was also hand-embroidered and decorated with 30,000 burned and dyed coque feathers.

It apparently took 35 people more than 2,000 hours to create, and it’s finished off with a bugle-bead headpiece that Browne made in collaboration with designer Stephen Jones.

Cardi's always known for being a little "out there" - this was her excuse for looking like she was ignoring her fans:

Browne states that his inspiration for the gown was the female form:

"I designed this dress for Cardi specifically because she has the ultimate beauty in a woman’s body, and that is what the dress is about for me: taking advantage of that beauty."

This is extenuated by the fact that, despite the dress offering full coverage, certain areas of the body are emphasised, with vulva-shaped embellishments, a heart-shaped cutout on Cardi's signature rear, and 44-carat ruby nipples.

And fun fact: these custom-designed Stefere Jewerly nipples cost an eye-watering $250,000.

Brown's design led to Teen Vogue's Brittney McNamara describing Cardi as "basically a walking uterus". McNamara continued:

"Beyond the color, the way her dress flows is reminiscent of a pooling of liquid, like, say, menstrual blood. Anyone who has ever woken up in a pool of their own period blood will recognize that tell-tale shape. And while we're talking about shapes, the folds in the front of Cardi's dress are straight up vaginal.

"The folds that stem from her hips and flow down to the floor look like labia, while the tucking of the dress inside those folds has shapes reminiscent of the clitoral hood, and then the vaginal opening."

It may be a rather unconventional comparison - but we can certainly see where McNamara is coming from!