Chrissy Teigen and John Legend get frisky at Kris Jenner's mansion in hilarious video

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend get frisky at Kris Jenner's mansion in hilarious video

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were captured getting frisky at Kris Jenner's annual Christmas bash.

The reigning queen of Twitter and her Grammy-award winning husband snuck off for some alone time while attending the party, and luckily for us, it was all uploaded to Instagram.

The hilarious clip shows John whipping off his trousers before climbing into a bed with Chrissy. They then cuddle on top of the sheets, and kiss passionately as you can hear Kris declare them to be the "worst dinner guests ever".

Watch the moment below: 

"They're making themselves way too comfortable. I'm not sure what's happening, they're getting ready for bed," the Kardashian matriarch proceeded to joke.

And the shenanigans didn't stop there. John and Chrissy were then filmed rolling around on the carpets before jumping in a bath together. The erstwhile Victoria's Secret model then proceeded to play around with Kris Jenner's toothbrush - as you do.

The clip ends with the couple being stopped by a security guard as they cheekily attempted to pilfer some of Kris' things.

In other news, Chrissy Teigen just learned the hard way to never post private information on the internet. The model took to Twitter earlier this year to reveal that she had accidentally posed her email address on social media, which prompted a number of her fans to FaceTime her in hopes that she'd pick up.

One person did get lucky, but to her surprise, she had a call with a friendly stranger, and wasn't confronted by anything inappropriate.

"F*ck I posted my email address lmao," she wrote on Twitter, before adding "Oh my god people are FaceTiming me. was 100% sure this would be a penis but nope just a nice stranger."

"Everything disabled and changed emails. but I love you guys and thank you for the kind words lol," she continued. 

Oh Chrissy!