Chrissy Teigen reveals we've all been pronouncing her name wrong for years

Chrissy Teigen reveals we've all been pronouncing her name wrong for years

In today's edition of "you thought you knew everything about this very, very famous celebrity but it turns out you basically know nothing at all, not even how to say their name properly", Chrissy Teigen has revealed that we've all been pronouncing her name wrong basically our whole lives.

Oh to be rich and famous in today's society, where anything and everything can seemingly be monetised, from a luxury car hire service to endless - and I mean endless - tubes of charcoal toothpaste.

When life is seemingly an endlessly dazzling collocation of improbably beautiful vistas, chiselled abs and #sponsored Instagram posts about some formerly innocuous foodstuff being aggressively rebranded as a miracle weight loss tool, being a celebrity, however minor, puts you in prime position to capitalise - quite literally - on your audience.

Of course, for the bonafide A-Listers out there, such a gun-for-hire attitude is not necessary. Being sent clothes given food and living in huge mansions is probably enough of a reward in itself, but celebrities also get to drink in the praise of their adoring public on glamorous red carpets and visit private members' clubs so exclusive the rest of us don't even know they exist.

Naturally, it's not all fun and games; celebrities are forced to deal with the incessant glare of the paparazzi's camera, and endless headlines citing 'sources' that purport to know every intricate detail of their romantic lives'.

That does mean that basically anything is worth covering to someone, so voracious is our appetite for all things celeb.

But when it comes to something as momentous as Chrissy Teigen's literal name, you'll forgive our interest for being piqued.

We, and presumably everyone else who has ever walked Planet Earth, have always pronounced Chrissy's surname Tee-gen, but apparently that is horribly, horribly wrong. It turns out you actually pronounce her surname Tie-gen, which frankly seems mad after all these years saying the former, but there you have it.

Fans were predictably shaken by the news, and took to Twitter to bombard the model with questions about her name, why she lets people pronounce it wrong, and so much more.


And she's making sure she doesn't have to live the lie anymore, as this video will surely attest;

Frankly, I think she might be running very much against the tide if she's hoping that people will adopt the correct pronunciation anytime soon, but if anyone can do it, it's Chrissy Tie-gen.