Chrissy Teigen shares picture of her 'butt hives' and fans are relating hard

Chrissy Teigen shares picture of her 'butt hives' and fans are relating hard

It's fair to say that Chrissy Teigen is well known as the queen of Instagram for good reason: she's an absolute babe. Whether she's lying on a sun lounger at a sun-kissed beach, or modelling for some glitzy photoshoot, or even just enjoying some quality time with her spouse John Legend, the general public clamour to see more of her social media antics and exploits. As a result of her good looks and charm, she's managed to earn a pretty devoted fanbase over time, and she can now boast over 21 million Instagram followers. Pretty impressive huh?

But Chrissy isn't just the reigning queen because of her beauty and glamour. It's because she also chooses to show us all the slightly less glamorous sides of her life. She likes to prove that she's down-to-earth and flawed as the rest of us. If you want proof of just how grounded she is, then look no further than her Twitter account. This week, Chrissy informed her many followers that she had developed an angry, itchy red rash on her butt and thighs. Chrissy then asked her fans if they wanted to check out her hives, and even invited them to vote on the decision in the form of a poll. It seems as though the curious people outnumbered the squeamish, and so Chrissy promptly posted the pics of herself for all the world to see. Scroll down to check out the fandom's reaction.

Here's Chrissy's original post:

And here's how her fans reacted: 








This isn't the only personal subject that Chrissy has chosen to share with Mr and Mrs General Public. Recently, she'd been showing us all pictures and videos of her little baby Miles wearing what looked like a white motorcycle helmet, which confounded a lot of people. If you've been left scratching your head over this, then check out this mom's explanation for why Chrissy's son is wearing this strange headgear.