Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul reveals he has brain damage that causes lack of empathy

Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul reveals he has brain damage that causes lack of empathy

Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul has revealed that he has brain damage that causes him to have "a lack of empathy" in an extremely personal post.

In a new video, the internet personality, known for his unpredictable behaviour, claimed he went on a mission to determine why he was "so f**ked up". He was set on finding answers for why he thinks and acts the way he does, why he's "emotionally unavailable" and why he's "incapable of maintaining a committed relationship".

After undergoing a number of brain scans, it was revealed that he had "severely" damaged the part of the brain that handles typical "human" activity, after cracking his skull when he was 13 years old.

After telling the doctor he had a titanium plate in his head as a result of this incident, Logan was told "two large holes" had formed and he had damaged the pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that deals with planning complex cognitive behaviour, personality expression, decision making and moderating social behaviour.

In footage uploaded to his YouTube page, the doctor tells him: "'You actually have a very severe injury. You see these holes? It’s not missing but it’s hurt."

As Logan looks shell-shocked, the medical professional goes on to explain:

"This is really important because right here is the most human, thoughtful part of us. It makes you human. It's called the pre-frontal cortex - and you hurt it, which means you're going to have trouble with focus and forethought, and follow-through and organisation, planning, empathy - so for relationships and learning from the mistakes you make."

The 23-year-old, who sparked outrage when he uploaded a vlog depicting the deceased corpse of a man who had killed himself in Aokigahara, Japan in 2017, was then warned that the brain damage needed to be fixed as soon as possible and if it wasn't, it could have tragic repercussions for him and his friends and family.

"We need to fix this," the doctor claimed. "If we don't fix this, no matter how successful you are, you're not going to make the decisions you need to move your life in the direction you want. Living the rest of your life with this brain is not going to be a lot of fun - for you or for the people who love you because you're going to have trouble connecting."

In addition, Logan was warned against his boxing rematch with KSI, with the medic telling him: "you're smart, you're just not making the kind of decisions that will help you."

The doctor added: "Our question is... well, can we make it better?"

"Are you permanently messed up or can we make this better? I think it's more traumatic brain injury that needs to be rehabilitated - get rid of any high-risk behaviour that's going to put you at risk for another head injury, because this brain is not going to tolerate a lot more brain injury."

The YouTuber must now undergo 80 hours of medical treatment in a bid to get it fixed.