DJ under fire for appearing to perform sex act live on stage at Burning Man

DJ under fire for appearing to perform sex act live on stage at Burning Man

There appear to be two types of people in this world; those who think the Burning Man festival looks like an incredibly life-changing experience and those who think it looks like an absolute nightmare. I am definitely in the latter group.

Hailed as a "city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers" on their official website, the festival takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, and encourages the tens of thousands of revelers to showcase their "art, self-expression, and self-reliance". However, it appears that one DJ has gone a little too far in the "self-expression" department.

Australia's DJ Flume has left fans divided after he was recorded performing a very explicit sex act on his rumored girlfriend live on stage.

The 27-year-old producer appears to perform the oral act after spotting a sign in the crowd that reads: "Does Flume even eat ass". The now-viral video then cuts to Flume answering that question on 31-year-old model and actress Paige Elkington.

The video was shared to Instagram by Elkington herself, along with the caption, "Sorry mom". The seconds-long clip shows her in a purple wig and on all fours on a table, as Flume - real name Harley Streten - gets up close and personal with her booty.

The clip has since been deleted from Elkington’s Instagram story.

The female festival-goer who made the sign told Pedestrian.TV that she brought it to performances all week: "We made a whiteboard totem, because we thought it would be fun to write notes and heckle DJs, because it’s Burning Man."

Elkington, who shared the video with over 90,000 of her Instagram followers, became a meme in 2018 after a photo of her and Jeff Goldblum went viral (see below).

"Burners" (the collective name of the Burning Man festival-goers), were largely upset by the act, but not for the reason you may have thought. Rather than people being up-in-arms over the NSFW act, people were actually angered by the use of tech to document the 'performance', as cell phone use is intensely discouraged and the internet largely unavailable throughout the nine-day event.

“Put your phone away and def don’t film your fav dj having a fun consensual moment with their s/o [significant other],” one person tweeted.

"Whoever put Flume on blast with those videos sucks at Burning Man. It goes against the entire ethos of the event to film someone wildin out like that," one person wrote.

As detailed in a NYPost article, Burning Man organizers last year promised to return to its roots and stamp out "negative cultural trends", and vowed to regulate the "Instagram culture" moving forward.

"Gone to Black Rock City. Putting our devices down. Disconnecting from social media," reads the Burning Man Project’s pinned tweet, referring to the name of the temporary city where the event takes place.