Donald Trump has just debuted a new "slicked-back" haircut

Donald Trump has just debuted a new "slicked-back" haircut

President Trump has arrived in the UK for a three-day official state visit.

But prior to arriving, he debuted a new do; a slicked-back style that's worlds away from his famous bouffant - a style so distinctive that people have speculated what he'd look like with "normal" hair before now.

President Trump's new haircut was unveiled to the world yesterday at a church visit in honour of the victims of the Virginia Beach mass shooting, which claimed the lives of twelve people on Friday.

However, prior to attending the church service, the President had been golfing while wearing a baseball cap. So it's not known if this new look is simply hat hair or the radical new cut it appears to be.

Either way, we'll find out when he makes his first appearance in London today, where he and the First Lady Melania are scheduled to receive a ceremonial welcome from the Queen in the garden of Buckingham Palace.

It seems that the new hairdo has its fans already.

Bill Degan described it as "very presidential" whereas another Twitter user described it as "fresh and handsome".

But some people encouraged the President not to change himself in a bid to fit in with the Brits:

It was also suggested that the President's combover is the source of his power and that without it anything could happen:

"Pray for his new hairstyle," wrote one Twitter user. "The comb-over was the source of his power. We are entering uncharted territory."

However, if the pictures of the President disembarking Air Force One are anything to go by, it's unlikely that he's the slicked back look is his new do of choice.

President Trump and the First Lady disembarking Air Force One. Credit: Getty

Still, if you're reading this Mr President, I think it suits you. Honestly!