Eagle-eyed fans think Drake has a tattoo of Rihanna on his arm after he posts new photo

Eagle-eyed fans think Drake has a tattoo of Rihanna on his arm after he posts new photo

Drake and Rihanna have been on-and-off more times than Ross and Rachel over the years.

The celebrity couple is currently very much 'off', with Rihanna dating Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel for the past few years, and Drake keeping us guessing. But even if they're not together, many fans seem to believe their love is still everlasting - namely, in the form of a tattoo on Drake's body.

If Drake does have a Rihanna tattoo, I hope he can pronounce her name correctly - after all, we all found out we were doing it wrong recently:

When the One Dance singer uploaded a new picture to social media this week, it got his followers debating an old wive's tale that he had gotten a tattoo of Rihanna on his arm.

The image in question showed the Canadian rapper chilling with a beverage, wearing a black and gold shirt with a silver chain around his neck. On his right arm, an inking of a woman who certainly could resemble his ex-girlfriend was noticeable and opened up old speculation.

"B*tchhh is that Rihanna on his arm???" asked Twitter user @chuuzus. "Wow gurl did him good. You go Rih Rih," added @awkward_violet, while @medtokonnen wrote: "Drake got a Rihanna tattoo... this is y’alls king".

However much fans want to believe the rumour though, there is a fly in the ointment. When the same tittle-tattle circulated back in 2016, many people online were quick to point out that it was likely actress Robin Givens.

Drake has no known connection to Robin, but he also has all sorts of random celebrities inked on his body, including Denzel Washington, Aaliyah, Lil Wayne and Sade.

Not to mention, that when you look at the 'Rihanna' tattoo really closely it does appear to resemble the model, who used to be married to Mike Tyson.

Sorry people on Twitter - you might just be wrong about this one.

Anyone know Drake's tattoo artist? This old wive's tale needs to be settled once and for all!