Emilia Clarke's reaction is perfect after mascot drops coffee cup and bends the knee

Emilia Clarke's reaction is perfect after mascot drops coffee cup and bends the knee

Since Game of Thrones ended, you might feel a little bereft of news from Westeros.

You definitely will have heard - Game of Thrones fan or not - that a coffee cup was left in shot while Daenerys Targaryen and her army celebrated their victory over the Night King.

While HBO has since edited it out, the glaring error continued to crack people up as viewers failed to understand how not even one member of the cast or crew managed to notice it.

And the joke definitely isn't over yet!

This is the hilarious moment a mascot drops his coffee cup and bends the knee when he sees the Mother of Dragons:

Recently, Emilia Clarke went to see the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets play at Houston’s Toyota Center. And at some point during the game, the Rockets mascot - known as Clutch - saw the Daenerys actress sitting in the front row.

So, Clutch walked over to the unsuspecting 32-year-old holding a coffee cup (of course), and feigns shock at the presence of the Mother of Dragons - dropping the cup on the ground as a result!

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Clarke then gets the royal treatment she deserves when the mascot kneels down in respect. Her reaction is both hilarious and adorable as she struggles to contain her amusement at the situation.

But it gets even better when the commentator very animatedly introduces the actress as the 'Mother of Dragons', prompting a loud round of applause from the fans.

Clutch then walks straight over to Clarke and reaches out for her hand while the latter smiles in sheer glee.

Needless to say, fans from all over, expressed their delight at the moment on Twitter.

The reaction of a queen, that's for sure.