Kim Kardashian slammed by PETA over 'irresponsible' monkey video

Kim Kardashian slammed by PETA over 'irresponsible' monkey video

Since the release of the latest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians this weekend, the celebrity sisters have made sure to keep themselves in the news basically every single day. We've heard all the rumours surrounding Kourtney's breakup, seen all the memes that emerged after Kim's weird Yeezy shoot, and enjoyed all the drama that followed Kendall Jenner having the cops called on her after her dog allegedly attacked a child.

But that wasn't the only animal-related mishap that the Kar-Jenners got themselves involved in over the past few days.

Yesterday, both Kim and Kourtney came under fire from PETA after posting pictures and videos of themselves playing with marmosets at their grandmother's house.

In one clip, Kim says, "They're licking me while wearing a skimpy white bikini." And in another, Kourtney can be seen kissing one of the little monkeys while it sits on her shoulder.

While these videos and snaps might seem super cute, however, it is actually illegal to own a monkey as a pet in California, and the practices surrounding acquiring the sweet little primates can often be seriously detrimental to the marmosets' health and safety.

As described on PETA's website:

"When people succumb to the temptation to purchase 'exotic' animals such as hedgehogs, macaws, lizards, and monkeys—even tigers and bears—from stores, auctions, or the Internet in order to keep them as “pets,” it often leads to pain and death for these animals, who can easily suffer from malnutrition, loneliness, and the overwhelming stress of confinement to an unnatural and uncomfortable environment. The exotic animal trade is also deadly for animals we don’t see: For every animal who makes it to the store or the auction, countless others die along the way."

What's more, in order to acquire the marmosets at a young age, they are often forcefully taken from their mothers - who are then shot.

"It is absolutely irresponsible and inappropriate for a celebrity to promote the abuse that these monkeys experience," said Professor Erin Vogel from the department of anthropology at Rutgers University.

"Exotic animals belong in their natural habitat or in zoos for education purposes – not as pets. Most primates, in general, are very social, and to separate them from their social group setting is irresponsible and cruel.

"Celebrities should spend more time promoting the conservation of the endangered habitats of these animals instead of taking 'cute' pictures or videos for Instagram. It is appalling."

Brittany Peet,PETA's Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement, added in a statement to MailOnline:

"Marmosets should be jumping from tree to tree, playing with one another, and raising their offspring in large, tight-knit social groups. 

"PETA urges families to steer clear of exhibitors that drag wild animals around town for this type of misguided stunt."

It is not clear whether or not the marmosets are owned by Mary Jo Campbell, the sisters' grandmother, but the videos were taken at her home.