Floyd Mayweather shares video of himself surrounded by massive stacks of money

Floyd Mayweather shares video of himself surrounded by massive stacks of money

Did you know Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a lot of money?

While the former boxing championship is nicknamed 'Money' and reportedly has a net worth of at least $560 million, he's actually very humble - and chooses to keep his vast wealth low-key.

See - he's so frugal he won't even fork out for a wallet.

In all seriousness, Mayweather's wealth is as much a part of his promotion as his boxing career. Now that he's retired, he's only heading back into the ring for the big fights, whether it was his infamous bout with UFC fighter Conor McGregor or the time he won $9 million in less than three minutes against 20-year-old kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

The rest of the time, his Instagram often features his luxury cars, expensive watches and jewellery, and sometimes piles and piles of cash. He recently took to his page to give his followers a tour of his mountains of cash, making sure to point out his luxurious watch and the "biggest Chanel bag in the world" while he was at it.

Mayweather shows off $1.8 million in cash:

He posted the video on July 4th, along with a message about his pride in his success and how he's "happy to flaunt my legal wealth". In the Instagram post, he wrote:

"I was once told that “the loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room”. Well, that works for the individuals that’s doing something illegal. But in my case, I’m happy to flaunt my legal wealth and brag about being a black man that came from poverty, beat all odds and not give a fuck about what anybody thinks.

"Happy 4th, this is my independence! Now, let the fireworks begin!"

Reception to the video was... mixed, to say the least:

Later that same day he also sent out a message for any critics who said he brags about his money too much, writing: "I’m happy y’all spent over 2 decades hating on me instead of building your own legacy".

It looks like Mayweather simply does not give a damn what anyone thinks - he's got it, and he's gonna flaunt it.